Welcome to chopmypassport

In 2012, inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir, I made my first solo trip to Bali. It was life-changing.  I stayed at my first Airbnb and ate one of the best homemade jam in my life, took long walks around rice fields and strolls on the beach. Interacted with the locals, stared at art paintings, ate meals alone... I loved it. All I wanted were more of such experiences.

Ever since then I went cliff-jumping in Boracay, got my scuba diving license, bought myself a 14,000ft tandem skydive as a birthday present, discovered hidden waterfalls in Hong Kong, hiked the yellow mountains in China, did a 3-hour go-kart around the famous districts of Japan...

I started this blog to remember my travels and share my experience and personal tips. Hope it would be helpful to you during your travel planning.



 Safe travels, xx